Top 10 Best Bath Towels [2018] Review


Imagine you are visiting a bath towel store or going to purchase one of the best bath towels online.

I assure you will feel confused on choosing the best soft and absorbent towels from the stacks of towels arranged in the range of price and another category, while considering online, you will find thousands of bath towels from dozens of manufacturers.

To help you guys in choosing the great bath towels, we had  check out few best bathing towels and tested based on the drying, water absorbing, wear and fading.  I promise you that the bath towels we have listed in this blog will provide a spa-like experience. We also guarantee the extra comfort and luxury for these bath towels.

Before going to the best products, let’s know some basics on the bath towels in brief below.

Why Bath Towels?

To keep us dry after a gym, pool or shower, you need a soft and highly water absorbing bath towel, there are a lot of bath towels in the market, but make sure you get the best quality bath towels for the adequate performance.

Factors you need to look while choosing Best Bath Towels

Choosing the best bath towel can be tricky, but if you are clear on choosing them based on the characteristics, then you will feel relaxed and simple in choosing the right bath towel for you. Here are some factors you need to look while choosing the bath towels.

Water Absorbency

You need to prefer to go with the heavier and thick towels while choosing a towel for bathing, as tends to be soft and absorbs more water when compared to the thinner towels. A thicker towel may take the time to dry, but they will be the best bathing towel for you. Get towels that are made of rayon, Premium cotton brands, Pima and Egyptian for the best results.


Some towels that are coated as fabric softening may be soft while buying it, but they may lose the tendency after five to six washes. Try to go with rayon from Bamboo, Egyptian, Pima, Liquid Fabric softeners, etc. for maintaining the softness for an extended time.  While drying your towels in the dryer make sure to check the heat setting as there are chances for some towels to shrink in over heat.


Consider going with two-ply towers when compared to one ply as they are more durable when compared. You can check out towels that are made of polyester and cotton in gyms, hotels, restaurants, etc. as they are durable ones.

Top 10 Best Picks of Bath Towels

Hope the guide might have helped in getting the crystal clear info regarding the bath towels, the next step is to go for the right manufacturer and brand online for experiencing the greater results.

As discussed earlier, our team has picked the collection after deeps research, testing, checking out reviews and ratings from trusted purchased customers, performance, quality, fade resistant and much more.

Super Pile Bath Towel from Abyss Habidecor

One of the reliable manufacturers of indoor products has developed the bathing towel for providing a better experience for their customers; this product ranks first in our top picks of best Bathing Towels.

While considering the Abyss towels, they are made of high premium quality Giza 70 Egyptian cotton in weaving directions namely warp, weft and pile. The maximum weight is placed in the pile than the towel base so that towel gets dryer better when compared to other towels of the same weight.

Robust and durable bath towel is made of the double twist, therefore stronger absorbency and greater strength are achieved, this means there will be no damage to the bathing towel if some snags or pulls occur. Only low impact dyes are used in the towel, and therefore you need not worry about the hazards or harmful substances.

The bath towels never shrink until it lasts and never pucker at the ends. Make sure not tumbling the bath towels in higher temperatures; you need to wash rugs and towel together for longevity use. The manufacturer has the certification for the superior absorbency, colorfastness and the durability.

The price is high, but the product would be the great value for the money. The bath towel weighs just 1.4 pounds and comes with the dimension of 14.2X13.6X2.1 inches.

Luxury 900 GSM Bath Towel from Superior

Experience the luxury and comfortable bath towels for you from the popular manufacturer superior; this ranks second in our best picks of bath towels. The bath towel is made of high premium quality cotton so that you can experience the softer and fluffier feel when using the towel even after multiple washes.

The bath towels are indulgent and thick; you can also attract your guest with these pretty looking absorbent luxurious towels. The product involves a face towel set, bath towel set, hand towel set, bath rugs and three piece set. The cotton indulged is the high-quality long staple combed cotton, available in impressive colors.

You can wash the towel in machines but make sure you use the right temperature while you dry the towel as there are chances for shrinking, do not use dry sheets or fabric softeners while washing as they can decrease the absorbing efficiency. The manufacturer offers the guarantee for the product, and therefore you can purchase the product without any hesitation.

The bath towel involves the two ply construction and therefore provides you with the substantial and dense feel while using the towel. The price of the product is high but worth the money spent on them, the weight of the product is 6 pounds and comes with the dimension of 15.2X18.5X4.5 inches.

Luxury Spa, Hotel Bath Towel from Chakir Turkish Linens

The manufacturer is a family owned business and popular manufacturer of producing bathrobes, lines, and luxury Turkish towels. The manufacturer provides world class luxurious services and products every customer will enjoy.

The material indulged is 100% spun Turkish cotton, and therefore manufacturer promises you for the durability. The product includes 700 GSM and four bath towels for the intended use. The manufacturer has developed this bath towel in luxurious, soft, elegant, stylish, water absorbent and modern way.

You can wash these materials in the machine but make sure you are not using the dryer in the maximum temperature as there are chances for shrinking when over heat is applied. The manufacturer has used high quality so that there is no option for shrinking even if it’s washed multiple times.

The natural dobby weaves, and the double stitch edge is another important feature to be highlighted in this product, these towels are a superior addition to your bathroom. The price of the product is high but worth the money invested on the bath towel, comes with the dimension of 7.2X16.4 X 11.8 inches, weighs about 5.6 pounds.

Extra Absorbent Bath Towels from Crystal Towels

The best feel when you are wrapping yourself in a soft, luxury and cozy towel after a refreshing shower is possible with the manufacturer crystal towels. They have developed the towel with 100% premium quality cotton so that you are promised for the longevity of use.

Made little extra water absorbent so that preferred by most of the customers, this towel is an excellent, elegant addition to your bathroom. The product comes in multiple colors so that you can choose the one that you prefer. Few colors available are Yellow, Light Blue, Green, Dark Blue, Light Green, and Beige.

Each towel comes with the dimension of 27 inches X52 inches and weighs about 1lb, you can wash these luxurious towels in the machine, but you need to be careful while using the dry. You should not apply heat as there are chances for shrinking. Do not bleach the towel for extended use.

The price of the product is high but worth the money invested on the product, available with the dimension of 12X12X8 inches and weighs about 5.7 pounds.

Egyptian Cotton Bath Towel from Pinzon

One of the efficient manufacturers who has developed thousands of home accessory products has incorporated the product with advanced specifications for the intended use, this rank fifth in our best picks of bath towels.

Performance and quality can be determined by the weight of the towel, the range of this towel density range between 300 to 900 GSM based on the price. The towel that has 600 GSM is more popular while considering this bath towel. You could feel the spa-like experience while using the bath towel.

The towel absorbs water more efficiently and therefore preferred by most of the customers. The material used is the high premium quality Egyptian cotton, which is considered to be the best in class at the present market. This material can provide the customers with luxurious softness and superior absorbent strength.

The breathability and highly absorbent feature make the best one among the other bath towels available in the market. The fibers indulged in this towel provide the durable and beautiful texture for the towels. The ring spun yarn helps in twists and provides the ultra smooth yarn with exterior version.

The price of the product is affordable and comes with the dimension of 24X7.7X3.7 inches, weighs 4 pounds. The product indulges two hand towels, two bath towels, and two washcloths.

While washing the bath towel for the first time, make sure you are washing it separately for checking the performance.

The bath towel is made in OEKO-TEX Standard factory which is an independent certification system that assures you with the environment and safety standards.

Extra Large Cotton Machine Washable Bath Towel from Utopia Towels

The bath towel that is made of 100 percent cotton fabric and breathable mesh make them perfect for your body from the Utopia manufacturer ranks sixth in our best picks of bath towels. Made with hypoallergenic materials and best for the ones with skin hypersensibility.

The manufacturer has made this towel with more absorbent, soft and durable materials for the longevity. Available in multiple colors namely gray, brown, white, sage green, plum, champagne, royal blue and black.

While considering the construction, the zero twist along with the combing process help in removing the shorter fibers and therefore chances for fraying and shedding can be reduced; now this increases the absorbent feature of the bath towel. Lightweight in nature.

Best addition to your bathrooms, you can feel a soft touch and comfortable luxuriousness while using the bath towel after a refreshing shower. You can even use fabric softeners in the towels; make sure you are not using too much heat for drying as there are chances for shrinking.

The price of the product is affordable and weighs just 2.2 pounds. Available in the dimension of 14.8X12X3.3 inches.

Waffle Weave Absorbent Microfiber Bath Towel from FINA

The luxurious and lightweight towel that is developed with high water absorbency for the customers to use from FINA has ranked seventh in our top picks of best Bath Towels.

Gentle to use for your skin and hair due to its super and high absorbency power. The waffle weave is the unique feature in this bath towel when compared to any other bath towels.

The additional Microfiber yarns make the bath towel more soft and luxurious. Not too heavy in size but more worth in absorbing when comparing with the traditional towels and there is no shedding possible with this bath towels. This is gentle, soft to use and you will feel the spa-like experience when using the towel.

This towel can be washed and reused multiple times even if is machine washed. The fine has received the maximum popularity in the market, and the manufacturer is providing the guarantee for the product so that you can return the product if you think you are not satisfied with it.

Available with the dimension of 9.4X7.6X1.8 inches and is about 12 ounces in weight. Available in multiple colors namely White, coffee, sage, linen, etc

Fade Resistant Bath Towels from Amazonbasics

Amazonbasics is one of the highly trusted manufacturers in the market at present and these ranks eighth in our top picks of best Bath towels. The developed has incorporated the towel with highly attractive features like fluffiness, light weight, fast water absorbency and softness while using the bath towel.

The product includes two hand towels, two bath towels and two wash clothes in the dimension of 26X16 inches, 54X30 inches, and 12X2 inches respectively. The material used is 100 percent cotton and provides the smooth and softness over the skin and stand up for an extended period, also offers tear-resistant strength and high durable performance with ease.

Available in multiple colors so that one can choose the preferred color, the fade-resistant indulged means that the towel does not get faded even after multiple machine washes. The towel has the capability to retain the handsome hue, best addition for the guest and kid bathroom.

The price of the product is affordable and comes with the dimension of 14.2X10.8X4.9 inches and is 1.4 pounds in weight.

Cotton Organic Bath Towel from 1888 Mills

The manufacturer has developed this luxurious oversized cotton bath towel for their customers with advanced functionality and affordable rate. This ranks ninth in our top picks of best bath towels. The combed cotton indulged in this bath towel is responsible for the softness, durability and high water absorbent power.

The organic cotton helps to enhance the clean water, air, and soil by getting rid of the harmful substances and chemical when processing the cotton. The towel is heavy but highly absorbent. The two-ply pile yarns help in providing the luxurious feel while using the bath towel.

The affordability, durable performance, no shade features attract the customers and therefore all prefer to get them for their home, comes with the dimension of 13.5X11X5 inches, and comes with the weight of 2.7 pounds.

Hypoallergenic Bath Towels from Brooklyn Bamboo

Involve yourself with comfort and luxury by choosing the bath towel from the famous home accessories manufacturer Brooklyn bamboo. They have developed the product to stay away from hypoallergenic, antifungal properties.

Made of highly absorbent, organic bamboo jacquard for providing the soft and luxurious feels while using the bath towel. This bath towel help in quick water absorbing, faster drying and longevity when compared to other cotton towels.

Light in weight and there are no chances for fading or shrinking even after multiple machine washes; you can use any soft fabric materials with this bath towels. Make sure you are not drying the bath towel under high heat and do not bleach the towel for extended use.

The price of the product is less when compared to other bath towels listed in our top picks of bath towels, comes with the dimension of 14.7X10.3X3.8 inches and weighs about 2.7 pounds.

Final Words

Hope the above guide on choosing the bath towels, tips, benefits, right manufacturer and the opt product helped you in selecting the right bath towel.

Have you used any of the above bath towels? Share your experience on the towel through the comment section below.

Any ideas, thoughts, and comments on the topic are welcome.